Albert Nobbs

Vernon Film Society Director: Rodrigo García
Cast: Glenn Close, Mia Wasikowska, Janet McTeer, Aaron Johnson, Brendan Gleeson
Run Time: 108 minutes
Country: United Kingdom/Ireland
Year: 2011
Language: English
Rating: PG (Sexually suggestive scene, coarse language, nudity)

A film fifteen years in the making, Albert Nobbs is the highly anticipated feature by acclaimed director Rodrigo García (Mother and Child). A Gala Presentation at the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival®, and based on the stage play of the same name, Albert Nobbs is a moving and effectual portrait of one woman’s struggle with personal identity and self assurance in 19th century Ireland.

Glenn Close (“Damages”, Evening) stars as the titular character, in what will arguably become one of the most celebrated performances of her career. Working as a butler in a high-end hotel in Dublin, Nobbs lives an intensely private and solitary life, closely guarding a secret. When a stranger is hired on to paint the interior of the hotel, Nobbs finds herself forced to share a room with the overbearing gentleman, and the surprising truth quickly emerges. Terrified by what this possible exposure could mean, Nobbs quickly discovers they have more in common than meets the eye – both are women, who for very different reasons, have decided to live their lives disguised as men. With this in common, the two form a fast friendship, and Nobbs begins to dream of a life similar to that of her new friend’s – complete with a home, a shop, and a wife to call her own.

Albert Nobbs is a fascinating character study that offers a glimpse into one individual’s personal struggle with gender and identity. Reprising the role she made famous on the stage, Close delivers an understated and remarkable performance as a lonely and lost individual struggling to find happiness amidst a bleak existence. With a supporting cast of characters that includes Mia Wasikowska (Restless, Jane Eyre), Janet McTeer (Tideland), Aaron Johnson (Nowhere Boy), and Brendan Gleeson (The Guard, In Bruges), Albert Nobbs is certain to be a hit among critics and audiences alike.

" Critical acclaim and possible awards consideration for Close’s touching, credible performance should generate an audience for this plaintive, old-fashioned period drama. " – Allan Hunter, Screen Daily


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