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Wednesday, February 5

Director: François Girard
Cast:Clive Owen, Tim Roth, Catherine McCormack
Year: 2019
Runtime: 113 minutes
Country: Canada
Language: English
Rating: PG

Tim Roth and Clive Owen star in François Girard’s (Hochelaga, Land of Souls) latest sweeping historical drama, about a man searching for his childhood best friend — a Polish violin prodigy orphaned in the Holocaust — who vanished decades before on the night of his first public performance. With The Song of Names, acclaimed filmmaker François Girard returns to the classical music milieu of his seminal The Red Violin. And like that film, The Song of Names sets personal, professional, and family tragedies against sweeping historical events.

“It’s a profound, affecting and beautifully told chronicle of faith, family, obsession and the language of music.” - Los Angeles Times

“Literate, sober, soulful, and considered as it is, the movie is also a little overly scrupulous in its tastefulness.” -

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